We will prepare the base by bringing in gravel or sand if needed, fine grade with laser and use a compactor if needed. With our advanced equipment we can make it perfectly flat or slope, whatever is required. We did many high quality sports facilities who were approved by FIFA or Labosport.

* Artificial turf fields or real grass fields, indoor or outdoor.

* Track and field tracks 

* Tennis courts

* Ball diamonds

* Ice pads





For the precision grading. we use the newest machinery from Europe. With our high-tech level blades and advanced lasers we are able to level the base to the millimeter secure. This will not only give you a perfect base to work with, it also saves cost on gravel or stone.



A few of our projects from the last few years (see more on our Facebook and Instagram page):

* Toronto FC Downsview Park: 

artificial turf soccer fields

* New Mosaic Stadium, Regina: 

new football stadium (home of the Saskatchewan Roughriders)

* University of Kingston, ON: 

track and field (for Pan Am Games)

* University of P.E.I.: 

artificial football field

* Rosemere, Quebec: 

indoor soccer facility

* Winnipeg Soccer Centre, Winnipeg: artificial soccer field FIFA approved (for World cup Women)

* Ontario Soccer Centre,  Vaughan: soccer fields at the headquarters of the OSA

* University of Alberta, AB: 

artificial soccer fields

* Polyvalente le Carrefour, Gatineau, Quebec: 

* Hamilton Stadium, Hamilton ON: football stadium

* Players Paradise, Stoney Creek ON

Indoor dome